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A thermal camera body temperature monitoring solution

  • Accurate temperature measurement.

  • Effective security for all hotel entry points, facilitating fast and efficient  access to the hotel.

  • Non-contact screening.

  • Multi-person measurement.

  • Visual alert facilitating tracking of abnormalities.

Detection of people not wearing protective face masks

Intelligent Infrared Human Body Temperature Measurement Security Door

The Security door avoids the need for contact and enables fast detection. Temperature is measured accurately in real time and is displayed. The door is easily installed and operated. A high passing rate of between 40-60 people per minute is a clear advantage, and the possibility of missing any inspections is avoided.

Face Recognition And Temperature Testing

Face recognition and temperature testing gives real accuracy and the temperature is displayed. It is easily installed and operated and is ideal for on-contact registration and for recording the time attendance of employees. It can also integrate with ID cards.

UVC mobile unit

Many surfaces need to be sanitized frequently (e.g. restaurant chairs and tables, etc). These surfaces also need to be sanitized while guests are in close proximity.The UVC mobile units are perfect for the task of sanitizing frequently used surfaces.

UVC system for central AC

This system is placed in the central AC of the hotel. It prevents and destroys mold and other microbial growth on the coil and its surrounding areas. The product category consists of coil cleaners, designed to prevent the coil from becoming a source of bad air quality and poor odor, and to reduce maintenance costs by keeping the system running at top efficiency.

UVC in each room’s AC

Contamination from nearby rooms and from previous room occupants has been recorded in many localities where CoronaVirus has spread. Therefore, cleaning the room air flow in real time is extremely important. The UVC is installed parallel to the air flow inside the ventilation duct and allows for maximum disinfection, thanks to a prolonged exposure of the bio-contaminants to high-power UVC

UVC refrigeration units. 

This is Implemented in all refrigeration systems. An optimal dosage of two specific wavelengths, calculated with a sizing software, allows the system to maintain the energy efficiency of the coil and to eliminate the ethylene that triggers the ripening of fruits and vegetables.

Tabletop health safety shields

The barrier (or shield) is constructed to be cost-effective. Your guests and employees will feel safer and will be well protected. The shield is easy to wipe, to clean, and to sanitize. No drilling or double-sided tapes are necessary and the shields are both easy to install and to remove, with no risk of damage. They are ideal for the check-in and concierge desks.

Virus Secured is the essential extra step in protecting you and your customers from the threat of viruses

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