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Dr. Zuhaib Khan

It is important to keep in mind that wherever there is human access it means COVID-19 can also get there so it is important to screen and check out everyone who comes and leaves the hotel.

Dr. Mamoona Saleem

Rooms must be sanitized after each guest leaves. Chemicals and Disinfectants are not good for human health and is not recommended for use on hotel furniture as it can cause different types of allergies and is flammable. These UVC units can perform the disinfection task in less than fifteen minutes.

Dr Zohaib Saleem 

Researchers and health care units are advising to practice all the precautionary measures for safety. Hotel management is required to fulfill all those demands and strictly follow the safety measure for the guests and staff.

Dr. Andrea Bernasconi

  • From Switzerland

  • Medical doctor expert in public health and epidemiology

  • Main epidemiologist for the activities of "Doctors without Borders" in more than  30 countries

  • Public health officer 

  • Primary health care specialists

  • Master of science in infectious disease control

  • Specialization in hygiene and preventive medicine

  • Diploma in tropical medicine and hygiene

Dr. Ivy Shiue Scthiue

  • From Germany

  • Epidemiology expert

  •  Public Health expert

  • Research Leader and  lecturer at Heriot-Watt University

  • cientific Organizing Committee
    Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institut

  • Certificate in toxicology

  • Certificate in elements of AI

Dr. Michael James

  • From the US

  • Scientific adviser expertising on SARS-CoV 

  • PhD scientist expertising medical and bioscience

  • Lab director for a high-complexity laboratory testing for SARS-CoV2 infection and serologic response

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